New Music

A new piece for brass quintet entitled Foofaraw¬†has just been completed and added to the site. The title is a word my wife and I came across a few months back when we were completing a New York Times crossword puzzle. The word was coined in the American West in the 1850’s and means “a great deal of fuss or attention given to a minor matter.”

Whenever live music returns (and I know we all hope it is very soon), this piece will make a great concert closer, opener, or encore selection. If you are in a quintet, please check it out. I think you and your audience will enjoy it.

Listen to Songs from Fearful Symmetry

Listen to excerpts from my new recording, FEARFUL SYMMETRY, featuring performances by soprano, Lynda Poston-Smith, and pianist, Robert Carl Smith.


William Mac Davis

Thanks for joining me!

“Music makes life better.”

– Wendi Bernau